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Frequently asked questions

1.I am a trader/advisor/sub-custodian, I should be listed on the directory, but I have not been sent a password, what should I do?

    This may be simply because we did not know your e:mail address. Therefore, in the first instance, please send an e:mail to We will check whether you are listed and either ask you to complete a new user registration form or we will add your e:mail address and send you a password by e:mail.

2.The company I work for does not have a listing on the directory, how do we arrange this?

3.Our company has an office that is not listed on the directory, what do we do?

4.You may have sent me a password, but I don’t work at that company any more, what next?

    If the password was forwarded to you:
    Access your record in the directory, then select “Edit this record”. You will only be able to access your own record. Please make the alterations required and select submit. This will trigger an e:mail to us. We will then approve your request, checking the completed fields conform to our input standards and promote the changes to the live database. This may take a few days.
    If it was not:
    Please refer to 1. Above.

5.You have people listed for our company that no longer work here, how do we delete the records?

    The directory has been designed for individuals in the market rather than the companies they work for, accordingly it should be their responsibility to alter their own record. Initially, we understand that we may have some inaccurate information on record. Therefore please inform us of any deletions by e:mail. If you know where they moved to or have any way of contacting them, please do let us know.

6.I have forgotten the password you sent me, how do I get to the directory now?

    Please complete a “New password request form”. Your password will be sent to your e:mail address in the directory.

7.I don’t like the password you sent me, I cannot possibly remember that. How do I change it?

    Please complete a “Change password request form”, you will be asked your existing password. Your new password will be confidential and not even accessible by us. If you forget it, you will need to complete a “New password request form”, be sent another password by our server, then change it again. It’s a rocky ride.

8.I work for one of the companies listed as third-party support, but I cannot see any of the directory information regarding traders. How do I get access?

    We compiled the directory for use only within the industry itself, access is restricted only to those listed on it. We have consulted with members of the industry, they wish that we keep it that way. You will have to find another way.

9.We would like to compile a mailing list from the information contained in the directory, what should we do?

    Requests of this nature should be made by e:mail to Each request will be judged on its merits. Normally these requests will only be entertained from Marketing personnel at the institutions we list in the directory.