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We have collated information from a wide variety of sources and present various directories to help you find the person or firm you are looking for......quickly.

Each directory has a discussion page open only to those listed in that directory, you may consider comments made relatively "private" and only readable by those members of that directory.

There are various views to use, dependent on how much you already know about the person you seek. You can for example, search by First Name, Family Name, Company or even by the type of instrument traded. The search boxes are case-sensitive, so please type carefully.

The directory has been designed to fill a gap, it is our contribution to an industry that has been good to us. We hope you find it useful. You, the people listed within it are now responsible for its success or failure. If you keep your record up to date, even if you move firms, you can stay in touch.

The "business card" format allows you to freely add your corporate logo, in full colour.

If you have friends/contacts that are not listed and should be, do them a favour, tell them to fill out a registration form. If their record gets out of date, remind them.

The discussion area is an open forum, please feel free to make constructive comments about the design of any of our databases. We have the flexibility to do almost anything. If enough people want it and it's possible, we are happy to build it. We work with our customers, not for them.