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What is TaxTracker?

TaxTracker is an informational database that has been designed in a new and refreshing way. It has been built by an ex-trader for traders and is concerned with matters of international cross-border trading in financial securities transactions.

It is not an encyclopaedia of tax; it is a way of life on a trading desk. We work with you to find solutions and opportunities. We are at the end of a phone or e:mail and we answer both. We return calls, we do not keep you waiting, play music or ask you to dial other numbers to talk to us.

If our customers are not happy with the service we provide, neither are we.

TaxTracker uses Lotus Domino Technology, designed specifically for the sharing of information and knowledge management.

TaxTracker is accessed via the internet, it is updated as new tax events take place. We advise our customers by e:mail of important changes that may affect their trading positions and we try to give "colour" to the markets. We also offer to investigate further any particular issues that may be of benefit to the market as a whole.

Our purpose is to deliver up-to-the minute information about international taxes and how they affect the pricing of structured products and day-to-day all-in pricing.

The World comprises up to 250 countries (depending who you ask), there are many "global" products available, but precious few cover the planet, TaxTracker tries to.